Saturday, November 3, 2012

Anna Karenina and NeoClassical Style!

I am looking forward to the movie Anna Karenina! I love epic films like this and the set design should be amazing! Set in the late 1800's it is steeped in Neoclassical style and I hope it brings this style of architecture back into the spotlight! One incredibly talented architect that influenced this style was Robert Adam.

Keira Knightley in ‘Anna Karenina’
see many pieces of Neoclassical influenced design in this small photo!
 Robert Adam (1728–92) was one of the most important British architects working in the Neo-classical style. He was a main force in the development of a unified style that extended beyond architecture and interiors to include both the fixed and moveable objects in a room. He incorporated design ideas from ancient Greece and Rome into his forms and decoration. His famous London houses include Kenwood House, Osterley Park and Syon House, this is according to Victoria Albert Museum. A great book available to see how neoclassism flourished with the help of Robert Adams, check out: The Country Houses of Robert Adams. Meanwhile I have found some examples of Neoclassical interiors I would love to share!

The Country Houses of Robert Adams: From the Archives of "Country Life"
Available through Amazon

Robert Adam's Design!

Ornate Ceilings, columns and heavy clawfoot furniture is evident.

Examples of Neoclassical pieces used today!

Love this example!

Bed used in the 1996 version of Anna Karenina.
Ralph Lauren's Anna Karenina influence!


  1. beautiful blog kisses charles

  2. Hi, Karolyn --
    I've seen the preview for this movie....looks fabulous! And I love the Neoclassical style. Robert Adam was certainly one of the best of that style. In Sweden, the height of Neoclassicism was the Gustavian Period.

  3. Karolyn-
    I am so excited, and I can't wait to see the movie.
    Robert Adam was one of the most talented in our world.
    Lovely post.
    Happy Monday.

  4. What a great book, thx for the tip! And the movie, waiting for it!! xo Caroline

  5. I love neoclassic style - so beautiful and thanks for the wonderful history lesson. Can't wait for the movie!!

  6. Karolyn, You have a blog award from me waiting on my blog! xo Caroline

  7. I am sure the costumes and interiors in that film will be amazing! Hope you have a terrific wknd. xo

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