Monday, December 31, 2012

Design Expectations for 2013!

Wow! Didn't this year go fast! It is a bit scary, especially since I see my children turning into adults with one foot out the door.  It has been quite a first year for me in the blog world I have met such wonderful people and I thank all who have supported me along the way. I never thought I would enjoy this as much as I do, and I think it's due to my love of decorating, art and learning from others. 

So I asked myself “What does 2013 have in store for Interior Design?" I am not sure if these are my predictions or my wishes for design but I did come up with 10 things I would like to see happen over the next year. If you have any wishes for design as well, please send me your comments!
I would love to have a prediction from all my favorite bloggers and post them, so send at! I am wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year celebration and great things for you and your families for 2013!

A love of polished interiors again, with regards to Jansen, James Mont etc!

Some beautiful Painted pieces thrown into spaces to add light and interest!

I love white kitchens, but I adore the muted tones of English kitchens and want them to invade state side!Cooke and Lewis!

Green is a given! ReneeFinberg

Chintz in the most unexpected places! Top one with modern chintz sectional(The President Wears Prada), and gray Chintz room done by my friend Joel Woodard for Mansion in May!

Love of great wall coverings and sophisticated painted murals!

Return to using our formal settings and not just keeping them in storage!

Cloche Terrariums!

It's amazing how many interiors we do that the home owner does not want greenery added! I think every home should have something even as simple as the above Cloche terrarium!

Don't be afraid of old things!! Add some antiques. They don't have to be pricey just interesting, and just think you are recycling!Antiques and Interiors On Dunlavy.

Lets get back to investing in artists! There are some fantastic art work out there, some expensive some very reasonable but all add life to a room! This one I just had done by Maureen Chatfield, I haven't even had a chance to hang it yet, but I LOVE it!


  1. Such a great list. I am a lover of antiques and a strategically placed piece in each room can give such grounding and history. Wishing you al the best in 2013!!

  2. Hi Karolyn - Happy New Year to you too! Love all your picks!

  3. Love your picks Karolyn but I'm a lot surprised people don't want greenery in their homes. I look forward to visiting you more this coming year.

    Wishing you and yours a joyous, healthy and very Happy New Year!


  4. I love this list and will email our predictions! Your direction in decorating sounds sophisticated, earthy, polished yet live able.....perfect!
    Xo Nancy


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