Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feeling Gray..In A Good Way!

Even though I love color and rich tones, I also enjoy designing neutral interiors.  I truly love tones of gray and how they work well with all types of interior styles.  There is something quite calming about a pale gray interior and softly painted gray antiques added to a room that has lots of textures. I especially love a Belgian inspired space with great architecture to allow the gray to speak for itself.
I have found some of my favorite gray spaces and thought I would share incase you were in a gray mood too!


  1. Thank you Sergio, I will be sure to check your blog out as well!!
    xo Karolyn

  2. I love gray. These pictures are wonderful. I hope you have a great year in 2013 Karolyn!
    xo Nancy

  3. Gray is actually a color I like a lot. These pictures are gorgeous! I follow you now!

    Could you follow me too?

    1. Thank you Mindy!! Will follow you back!
      HAve a wonderful Weekend.

  4. ohhh I so wanted to tune in to Downton Abbey and I'm super embarassed to admit that I chose Honey Boo Boo instead. UGH. I loved it last season but now its a bit intolerable? Maybe the time away made me realize how gross it is. need to catch up on Downton Abbey's 1 and 2 seasons.


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