Monday, January 14, 2013

A Very Audrey Monday!

I found this bought this wonderful LIFE magazine for my daughter Brooke, who turned 13 this weekend and may be even more obsessed with Audrey than myself! It is wonderful and commemorates the 20 years since Audrey's untimely death due to Colon Cancer.  The magazine is a remembrance by Bob Willoughby the phenomenal photographer who closely followed and photographed Audrey through out her career and life! If you see this magazine at your check out I highly recommend grabbing it. The photos are gorgeous and so many I have not seen before. 
Although Audrey's grace, peacefulness and beauty has always astounded me, it was her work with Unicef and being named Goodwill Ambassador in 1988 that really impressed me. Here is to Monday and to never forgetting Audrey Hepburn!

From a previous post my tribute room to Audrey! Designer-Phoebe Howard!


  1. You have selected some wonderful images. She had such a serene beauty and her look is so timeless. The pink dress is a favourite of mine.

  2. Such a beautiful post, Karolyn. I will have to send my daughter over.
    Happy Tuesday.

    1. THanks Teresa I guess your daughter is an Audrey fan too!!
      XO Karolyn

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  4. Fun information!! Thanks!!
    Best, Karolyn


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