Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hardware With Flare!

I love interesting interior and exterior hardware! I think it's the little detail that can often be overlooked yet adds such character to a home. I was fortunate to have had vintage hardware present upon purchasing my home 13 years ago. However, the newer sections of the home which were added on over that last 100 years did not fair as well. I think it may be time to add some great hardware to the neglected areas! In my search I found that I love European hardware companies, especially from the UK. Here are some of my favorite finds and how a little knob can add to a space!

Above two are from my home, they are interior front and side door, and the living room and library have smaller versions of these skeleton key lock hardware.

Tumblir, one of my favorites!!

Above two are from Salvo.co.uk!

Ebay under vintage door knobs!

The above five are from a wonderful company-Willow and Stone!

The above three are another fabulous hardware company- Holloway of Ludlow!

Lovely door paint color and hardware from A Well Dressed Home!

Love Steven Gambrel's brass door hardware here in a gray and yellow interior!

Steven Gambrel, Hmm Hardware looks familiar!!


  1. Interesting, this can easily be overlooked like you say! Will go over mine at home:) xo Caroline

  2. i'm actually in the market for new hardware for my front door - great pieces!

    1. Definitely send me a photo of what decide on!! I love seeing other bloggers home choices!
      Xo karolyn

  3. It's amazing how small details like this make such a difference in a decor.


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