Friday, January 4, 2013

Heres to January 6th and Highclere Castle !

I am eagerly awaiting the premier of good old Downton Abbey, whose setting takes place at Highclere Castle! What an amazing structure Highclere Castle is, steeped in history and drama. The original Highclere was a Georgian Mansion that in 1838 the 3rd Earl of Carnarvon hired Sir Charles Barry to transform this into a truly grand castle! The interior structural work was finally completed in 1878. The castle became the center of politics and life in the Victorian Era.
Downton Abbey was based on Lady Almina, daughter of the wealthy industrialist Alfred De Rothschild was married off to the 5th Earl of Carnavon turned the Mansion into a hospital for the wounded soldiers during World War I.  There are sorted details about Almina being the illegitimate daughter of Rothschild and the Earl truly marrying her for her millions! This juicy story which I think the premise of Downton Abbey was based one can be found in a great book-"The Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy Of Highclere Castle".
Here are some remarkable views of this stunning Castle! Enjoy and have a great weekend! Credits:

The Original Georgian Mansion prior to reconstruction.

Book Available on Amazon.


  1. I adore Highclere castle and Downton Abbey! We´ve just finished season 3 here in Sweden, and that was a cliff hanger I can we have to wait for the fourth season, that is still to be produced...Very well, as Carson would say:)
    xo Caroline

  2. Hey! You have a beautiful blog with wonderful pictures! I really love blogs like that. Would you like to follow eachother? Just let me know :)


    1. Thank you so much!! I will definitely check out your blog too!!!
      xo Karolyn

  3. I watched the piece on PBS before the show last night! Lvoed every minute of both. I am definitely a Downton fan.
    Thank you for sharing, Karolyn.
    Happy New Year!


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