Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And the Green Room Oscars goes to- Madeline Stuart and Baker!

I love watching the red carpet review of the Oscars! I also look forward to viewing the Green Room and who designed it, etc! This year the Green Room is being done by Madeline Stuart who is using many pieces by Baker Furniture, so you know it will be done to the nines! Here are a few of my favorite Baker pieces that will be featured in the Green Room, and don't forget to tune into the Oscars to see it live. Check it out at Architectural Digest linked to read the Green Room Story!


  1. I will take one of each, please, and I'll take two fo hte black chairs. Gorgeous.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. Hello Karolyn! I have looked at that Baker stunning coffee table and I seriously considered it too! I am debating between that and another Baker one((:
    How funny... If you like it, I must be doing well for our new living room furnishings...
    Hugs z

    1. Very good taste Z!! I'm sure your livingroom is wonderful!
      Xo Karolyn


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