Thursday, February 21, 2013

Color Under Foot!

I  have seen trends go from traditional oriental rugs to neutral jute and sisal, but I am loving the color that is coming back underfoot! If you love color lay it on the floor too! Start with your "uber" favorite rug or carpet and create your room from the floor on up.  The sky is the limit these days with pattern, durability,  indoor/outdoor and everything in between. However, a good wool rug is still my favorite!
Here are some of my fantastic finds and looks with color under foot!

Lulu & Georgia- Pari Rug! Just love it!

Love the mix of fun rug with vintage furniture and pale green walls!

Schuyler Samperton could have easily done a neutral Sisal or Jute rug here but she chose color even thought there was alot of color in the space and it works effortlessly!

I love the Lavender chevron which may have inspired the space with mixes of unexpected colors,
it's just lovely! House Beautiful.

One of a kind from Lulu& Georgia-Auriella Rug!

The following rugs are from Loom Rugs of Australia! I am obsessed with there patterns, colors and dying method. They even use old yarn for some rugs! Worth checking out for sure!


  1. Oh I so love that first rug as well! xo Caroline

  2. I use lots of rugs, love them, like artwork for the floors.


  3. I love overdyed rugs. We DIY'd one last year in teal! Thanks for feeding my love obsession! Have a great day.
    xo Nancy

  4. So glad there are signs of colour on the floor coming into view. I have persian rugs on wooden floors and although I have lusted after sisal rugs I knew that eventually my faithful old Persians would be back in fashion. Thank goodness ! My purse is so happy

    1. So happy you popped by! I love Persians as well!
      xo Karolyn


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