Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ballinderry Park - Simply Beautiful!

Ballinderry Park is not a typical country house hotel or Bed and Breakfast but a beautifully restored private family home in the midst of the peaceful County Galway countryside. 
Ballinderry Park is a small, beautiful Georgian house, built on a small hill in the open pasture of east County Galway.
Twelve years ago Susie and George Gossip, rescued this abandoned home and saved it from further disrepair. The slowly restored this historic mansion authentically and lovingly, and for the last six years their visitors have been able to experience this enchanted B&B.
Susie and George are both delighted with their house and want you to enjoy it too. Ballinderry Park is a wonderful, historic private family house. It is, first and foremost our family home, where they live with our three dogs but go out of their way to welcome guests and spare no effort to make them feel at home.
I am totally enamored with this house ! They truly paid attention to every historic detail right down to the fabulous color choices for the paint that grace the interiors! The Prussian blue dining room is gorgeous, and the green chosen for foyer and sitting room are crisp and cheerful, I need to have these colors!
Hope you enjoy this home as much as I do and if considering a trip to Ireland keep this beauty in mind!



  1. Wow! Love it!
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  2. Wonder how the interior colors would look in my zone 8 of Georgia.

    Probably not nearly as good.

    House & garden............are one in perfection.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    1. Those colors would be stunning down in Sunny Georgia! Go for it!!
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      :) Karolyn

  3. Wow-what a beautiful estate-Ireland is on my go-too list-hope to make it there soon!


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