Monday, March 4, 2013

What Would You Do - Fun Or Formal?

My powder room is just about there, but I am torn about the final touch, " The Walls"! I am eclectic with my own spaces however I am truly torn between classic formal these days and fabulous fun! 
I know wall covering can always be removed down the road and I also know that paint can be repainted so why the dilemma? Well check out my choices and you will understand! I am a bit obsessed with Schumacher-Tashkent Ikat wall covering and since I use to paint murals I am also obsessed with Grisaille! I know that both would look great in the space with is 7 x7 and 8.5 ft ceiling, it may have to come down to a coin toss, only kidding. What would you choose? Let me know.
Happy Monday!
Pardon the lighting I used my phone for these!

Suzanne Kasler for Visual comfort- The Sconces!

Ceiling light-Quatrefoil- Visual Comfort!

SmithBoyd Interiors used Tashkent for this dining room.

Love this mural from Cote De Texas!!!

Okay give me your feedback!


  1. Love the last one! And great lamps on the walls are always right! xo Caroline

  2. Wow! What a fab looking bath. I would go with the grisaille. You have such great taste! xx

  3. You make it so hard for us to choose. Absolutely love what you've done thus far, and grisaille gets my vote. It would be such a fun little vacation in your powder room!

  4. Hi Karolyn!
    The grisaille will be amazing; although I might like the Ikat if there was a lighter colorway which would accent the accessories.

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  5. I like the bottom one with the punch of white to set off your bathroon accessories. I have similar colors (Herons with black and white on brown background) in my powder room. It is quite striking for a small little space. Good luck,


  6. i am nuts about grisaille, and if i could do it myself, omg, my dining room would be covered with it. that said, that tashkent is insanely gorgeous and i think i am leaning toward it. but i can't believe i'm sayin that because a mural would be BAM!

    it's lookin fab. and it's only getting fab-er.


  7. Grisaille! Love what you are doing!
    Happy Tuesday.


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