Friday, March 1, 2013

It's All About The Detail!

Don't you just love when you get a to design a room that has amazing architecture or built-ins already in place! I think it is quite a challenge to give people that Veranda or Architectural Digest look when the details are lacking! I try to get clients to understand that it's a good idea to invest in the details if a budget allows it, because a great detailed room can almost stand alone. However if budget does not allow that there are a few tricks to add detail such as wall coverings, simple moulding to a space that has none, and book shelves or cabinets.  I found some rooms that are all different but they all yell detail, and I love them. Some have windows that are to die for, and some just added amazing cabinets. Which one is your favorite?
Have a great weekend and think about how you can add detail too!


  1. i've had some of these on my inspiration board - but the 1st one - HOLY WINDOWS in love!

    1. I know those windows!! Doesn't good architecture make the difference!Thanks for stopping by!'xo Karolyn

  2. Karolyn-
    It is in the details, and these rooms have their share!! Gorgeous, and the first image stopped me in my tracks.
    Happy Sunday.


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