Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big Texas Style- Hotel ZaZa!

I was reading one of my favorite magazines yesterday, "Departures".  It had an article on Houston and one hotel in the article caught my attention, Hotel Za Za!  I know they do things big in Texas and this hotel is no exception. It definitely caters to people's individual interior tastes so you can pick a suite with an interior that suits your needs and likes.  Each space is different and fun, and done in big Texas "no holds bar" style.  I even love the Hotel's poolside and lobby, it looks like a truly fun place to stay! So when in Houston check out Hotel ZaZa.


Napoleon Meeting Room!

Lovely Poolside!


  1. Wow, that is some hotel. I love the name, and that pool is calling for me to visit. It's hot here.

  2. What fun! We should be linking up! Beautiful :) thanks for sharing! xxL

  3. Now that's a Texas hotel - bigger is certainly better here.

  4. What a fun fun idea for a hotel(: like a wonderland place for adults! Love it... Xo z

  5. What a cool place! And a great mag -- how do I not know about Departures?! Must investigate. Thanks for the tips!

    Thanks also for contributing your book selection to my Style Maniac Readers' Choice Summer Books list. I've heard some buzz about Z and after your recommendation have put it on my own reading list. This summer is really all about Gatsby, isn't it?

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