Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Morning BLISS!

I just received an email from one of my favorite vendors- Bliss Studio with their new arrivals. There where so many fabulous new pieces that I could not include them all, so I picked some of my favorite pieces that I felt are truly unique and work well in most interior settings.  I love Bliss and how they make some pieces that are affordable look like they could be in Veranda Magazine!  Hope you like these picks to peruse over on a Blissful Monday Morning! Check them out for yourself, these picks are a fraction of what you will find at Bliss Studio and one gets better than the next!

 A bit partial to this guy since I have it in my dining room!


  1. Karolyn I love it all! Several tables, the gold accessories, and the pillows especially!!

    2013 Artists Series-Kerry Steele

  2. Such glam pieces! Loving everything!

  3. I love the items Bliss many things I would love to buy....

  4. I love these pieces, especially the tables! Your mirror is gorgeous, and you are on the money. These pieces all look very expensive.
    Happy Tuesday, Karolyn.


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