Monday, August 12, 2013

A Lens Without Limits- Valerie Shaff Photography!

I walked into my favorite store -Hammertown about a month ago and was awestruck!  I stood in front of a magnificent photograph of one of my favorite creatures " The Horse" and immediately had to know about this piece of art. As I continued to gaze around the store I saw more wonderful photographs including a buffalo, a dog and an owl that was to die for! Yes, I was hooked on Valerie Shaff Photography!
I love animals as the subject of photographs. There is something so endearing about them and the look in their eyes.  My daughter Katelyn does amateur photography and almost went to the same college as Valerie, which was Bard, in upstate NY.  When we toured Bard I was so impressed by the art department and the works by the students.  Valerie was originally a painter so she already has that artistic edge and love of beauty, plus an appreciation for the process rather then just getting the shoot done.  
Valerie has also collaborated on several books with Roy Blunt. Two of my favorites are "If You Knew How Much I Smell You: True Portrait Of Dogs", and "Am I Pig Enough For You Yet!" These are available at Amazon and worth having on one's coffee table! 
Valerie is always looking for new Equine subjects and Equine with Rider subjects so please email if Works also available at
Well, enough of my ranting! Get ready for some amazing works of art!!
Thank you Valerie for allowing me to share your lovely talent with my readers.



  1. I love these and would love to have our horses professionally photographed! Wonder if she'll come to VA? Maybe I'll email her! Love that chubby zebra. She does beautiful work.
    xo Nancy

  2. Oh my gosh, her work is stunning! Just brings everything to life.
    Thank you for sharing, Karolyn!

  3. I love pictures of horses...they are such beautiful animals..


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