Friday, August 9, 2013

A Penchant For Purple Transferware!

I was reading a lovely design book by Ann Grafton who is the creative director behind the wonderful GP & J Baker. Her book Interior Transformations is filled with classic English style, and what would an English space be without a bit of transferware!  In the chapter on color changes Grafton takes a all cream space and gives it an instant color change by adding hints of gray and purple and a lovely display of Purple(Mulberry) Transferware.  I forgot how much I love that color transferware! It's fun and gives a space instant personality. What is your favorite color transferware? Let me know, and have a great weekend! Tune in Monday as I will be posting images by a fabulous photographer that you wont want to miss!
Credits: NsncysDailyDish,, eBay , Pintetest, further credits below post.

Credits- ETSY, EBAY, PINTEREST, Vignette Design Blog.


  1. Hi Karolyn!
    I do love the purple transferware -- so unusual. I am always out buying for our little shop and it is not often when I do see the purple pieces.
    Brown and green are my favorites and in that order!

    Looking forward to you next post as you have peaked my attention.

  2. Hi, Karolyn -

    One of my favorites! I used to collect a lavender transferware made by Gustavsberg (Swedish). I sold the entire collection when we moved :( Took me years to accumulate. So sorry I sold them.

    If you have time, do stop by and visit while you are in DC. American University is great!

    x Loi

  3. So pretty...I gave a friend a couple of pieces of the purple transfer- ware that I had...she has a collection of it...

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