Monday, September 23, 2013

What's New What's Next- Alexa Hampton!

Our first panel discussion that we attended at 200 Lexington was with Alexa Hampton. It was a frank discussion about the present status of the design industry prompted by Traditional Home's editor and chief Ann Maine.  We also went over Alex'a new book,"Decorating in Detail"!
This was a great conversation with Alexa, she hit on so many points of concern within the design community. One important point Alexa made was that in this time of abundant availability of items through the web in which clients now tend to search for by themselves, its crucial for decorators and designers not undervalue to their expertise. Once you undervalue yourself then the clients will as well!
Also, clients may be able to find pieces online but when it is time to actually make them work in a space that is where the clients run into trouble and the room looks off scale and mismatched.  
We also discussed the over use of trends. How a little goes a long way and just because your friend has it doesn't mean you should too. It is important to give your space it's own personality with pieces that can stand the test of time and trends that can be removed without guilt as you grow tired of them.
I can say Alexa has a great personality and is so down to earth! Considering her lineage being the daughter of Mark Hampton, and having the pressure to carry on that amazing design talent and ability, one could still definitely sit down and have coffee with her any day of the week!
Thank you so much for chatting with us! Please add Alexa's book to your collection if you haven't already. 

Alexa's Fabric for Kravet in use, I love those window treatments and clean linen on chair.

Again, Fabric line for Kravet!

 The following pieces of furniture are from her line for Hickory Chair and we have used in client's homes. All were gorgeous and we were able to custom finish them as well.

 These lovely ceiling light fixtures are from Alexa's line for Circa Lighting, I have the Basil flushmount in my powder room and I will always love that fixture!



  1. I love her. How fun to hear her speak, and what great advice she has. I need to check out her book.

  2. Great picture, Karolyn!
    I love everything she does, and Hickory chair is one of my favorite furniture makers. Will have to pin a few of these.
    Thank you so much for your kind comments. We are settling back down here.
    Happy Monday.

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  3. I adore everything here, just my cup of tea:) xo Caroline

  4. Gorgeous images! I love the linen and the fixtures are very nice. I like her style! Thanks for sharing:)


  5. Karolyn I love Alexa's use of color and art in her designs!

    2013 Designer Series!

  6. I cannot wait to read the book, and I'm heading over to Circa Lighting to check out her line now!

    The Glam Pad


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