Friday, September 20, 2013

What's New What's Next- Sarah Richardson!

My sister and I had the pleasure of attending the "What's NewWhat's Next" event at 200 Lexington Design Building. It was wonderful to meet so many fabulous, successful designers. You name it they were there from Alexa Hampton, Bunny Williams, Miles Redd and the list goes on! We had some chat time with Alexa Hampton and Sarah Richardson which was not only informative but really fun! They are two lovely women with great personalities to go along with their uber design talent!  I decided to break down each event we attended over the next few days starting with Sarah Richardson!
Many of you know Sarah from HGTV, as she has had several wonderful design shows that were quite successful. Sarah will now be doing a new design show called " Real Potential ""for HGTV Ca, I just hope it doesn't take forever for it to reach the states! In this show the couple will be home shopping and there will be 3 potential houses to choose from. Once the couple picks the home of their choice Sarah and her team will renovate and decorate the problem area of that home. According to Sarah she wanted to do a show were she was involved with clients directly and the clients truly received all that was promised to them in the end! This should be a great show!
Sarah's current venture is her line of fabric for Kravet, which is where we met Sarah yesterday. She was promoting and doing a meet and greet for Kravet. We found  her line to be  clean, soft and the perfect fabric for a beach house, cottage or gorgeous bedroom that wants to be light and airy!  Sarah is working on a more edgy line as well. However, I love this one because it's classic and timeless. Enjoy some of the many talents of Sarah Richardson and have a wonderful weekend everyone.
A special thank you to Sarah for taking time to discuss her thoughts on design!

Sarah Richardson with Suzanne Patyk and myself. We think she looks a bit like Kate Middleton, so pretty!

 Not only does Sarah have a fabric line she also has a furniture line that I love, and here are a few of my favorite pieces from her line.To see more go to!

Lou Lou Bench

Jasmine Headboard

Vanessa Headboard

Quinn Day Bed

Fiona Sofa

Phillip stool
 I also included some of my favorites from Sarah's Design Portfolio!


  1. What fun to meet Sarah in person! Yes, I can see the Kate resemblance. Happy weekend to you!

  2. I love Sarah. I would move to Canada just to be able to have her go to work on my home. I tell my friend all the time that she reminds me of friend has no idea who I'm talking about. Lucky you!

    1. She was so nice too!! Talented and nice,
      Great combo.

  3. I am a huge fan of hers and Im so excited you got to talk to her! You are the cutest thing I've ever seen btw. Glad you had a ball.
    xo Nancy

    1. Oh you are way to kind my friend!!!
      She was super nice too
      Have a great weekend!

  4. You all look fab and what a great day that must have been! xo Caroline

  5. I so wish we could have been there, but we are going in October and couldn't go both times. LOVE her work and can't think of any one more charming to meet in person...beautiful fabrics and furniture!

  6. This sounds like such a wonderful event and a great day! I love all the pictures you included in this post!


  7. She is one talented must of had so much fun!


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