Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Vintage Halloween!

My 13 year old daughter informed me that our house does not look like" Fall"! I looked around and I had to agree, no sign of Autumn, or fun Halloween decor  here! I usually start to drag out fun stuff around this time of year, but I think the fact that it's actually 85degrees here in Jersey has made hold off on putting out pumpkins and mums!  However, to make my daughter happy I am slowly starting to spruce the old farm house up for Fall.
When I think of Fall, a vintage Halloween theme always wins me over! I love seeing those quirky pumpkin buckets, and charming cats with an antique appeal. I found some of my favorites that I hope inspire me to start moving along with my own home. Whats your favorite Halloween style? Also, what have you done to bring Fall into your home. Let me know!


The above two are from Country Living, and I just love this theme for an outdoor party!



Vintage Halloween

 All the following lovelies are from one of my favorite Halloween stores with a most unlikely name!
                                                         Christmas  Traditions

Happy  decorating everyone!!!


  1. I like the vintage feel to some of these decorations! Have fun decorating:)

  2. I've got to drag out my fall decorations as well! It's really hard when you have to decorate so early in a shop and then you get burned out! But it's so much more fun in your own home!

  3. Looks like enough fall for me!
    I think when fall has arrived we all think of Halloween :)

    Love the vintage collection.



    I am so excited to go out to my garden and throw out my summer flowers that are FINALLY drooping! We had an extended summer that just ended today with RAIN! Actually, it was last night that the rain started, and it gave me my idea for my blog post.

    Yes dear one, the world is going mad. I just want peace, I want to listen to the rain, pet a horse, hold a puppy, laugh with my students (which we do!) and just live on. But our world needs to stop long enough to realize what is REAL, and that's being kind to one another. Wishing you peace on your daily battle field, where you'll hear YOUR name, after the rain. Anita

  5. We don't do a big Halloween here in Swden, although it's starting to get in as a tradition among the kids, so I do have a cute pumpkin along with a lot of fall like candles...Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! xo Caroline


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