Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fabulous Art at Anne Irwin!

Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta is my go to site when I am searching for amazing artists. Anne's gallery house over 30  talented artists with unique styles of their own. I think Ms. Irwin has the best eye for talent that is approachable to everyone. This is why all the top designers in Atlanta love her too! I could not list all the fabulous artists because there are so many, but I did pick some of my favorites to post! I feel privileged  to be taking art lessons from one of them today and every wednesday for the next 6 weeks- Maureen Chatfield. I hope she can break me out of my traditional paint style to explore abstract landscape... it's going to be a challenge! Check out Anne Irwin and you will be pinning up a storm, I guarantee!

Anne Irwin Fine Art is thriving with creative energy and artistic pursuits. Anne Irwin edits judiciously when selecting works for her space, representing a lively mix of more than 30 premier contemporary artists from as close by as Atlanta and as far away as California and Canada. The gallerist travels to the West Coast and New York scouting new talents, seeking the perfect artists to introduce to the South. Anne regularly takes her staff on educational art trips, ensuring that they have much to offer her collectors and artists in both knowledge and understanding.

Ken Auster

Carol Bodiford

Gary Bodner

Christine Bray

Maureen Chatfield

Sabre Esler

Charlotte Foust

Karen Jurick

Dan McCaw

Danny McCaw

Melanie Parke

Jane Schmidt

Rusty Wolfe


  1. Gorgeous paintings! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I love visiting art galleries on Saturday afternoons. It's one of my most favorite things to do and it looks like I would love this gallery! My faves are New York City Streets and Nightfall in the Studio. They're wonderful.

  3. oh Karolyn you know I love this post! So many gorgeous art pieces!!!! What a wonderful gallery.
    Hope all is well.
    xo Nancy

  4. Fabulous Art! An amazing assortment of talented artists! Love the way that you have mixed it up.
    Feel the vibrancy of Map # 8, Color Field 7, oh and Monday morning in mid-town; excellent perspective.

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  5. So many wonderful and creative artists....boy, some people are so creative!


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