Friday, November 15, 2013

James Yarosh Gallery-Where Art Meets Design!

I posted a little reminder yesterday about a fabulous Russian Realism Show that is happening this weekend in Holmdel, New Jersey.  James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery is presenting a a trunk show featuring the most recent traditional paintings of this genre that has become available to the States. Russian Realism has become one of the most important realism movements of the 20th century.   This weekend event includes a meet and greet with the show's host John Wurdeman, who is a Russian Historian. If you are a collector or just a lover of art and are in the tri-state area this is worth the trip!

I had alot of fun meeting James at a great design event hosted by L'Entrepot's Linda Kennedy.  We discussed both traditional and modern art and with his great eye for interior design he combined some boards for us including some very forward modern photography by Mark Ludak and traditional fabrics from Clarence House - they were awesome! 

I hope you all enjoy this post and have a wonderful weekend!

Here are the boards and images from James Yarosh I thought I would share, and for more information regarding James or the artists he represents please see this link below: 

Stunning gallery in a renovated space above a firestation: 45 East Main St, 2nd Floor Holmdel, NJ.

The above are examples of Russian Realism, they are beautiful and the frames...can we talk???

 In the next few images James provided art by MARK LUDAK and created boards using        fabrics from Clarence house, Benjamin Moore Paint chips and of course his fabulous frames!!

 I decided to use one of Mark Ludak's Photographs and try a board myself,  now that was fun!!

Fabrics by Clarence House and Trim- Samuel & Sons.

What would a painting be without the right frame and James has some amazing frames!!

James and his staff help curate your art into your interior design and will work closely with the trade as well as having experience himself. Here are some great examples below!


  1. What a great post. I love what I am exposed to by wonderful bloggers. I learn so much....
    Thank you for the education.

  2. Great post...beautiful art and you did such a great job on your board!

  3. Great post, I didn't know about him! xo Caroline

  4. Ohh how exciting! Love this post

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  5. I have always wanted to learn to frame art. Gorgeous art.
    Thank you for sharing.

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