Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fabric Crush - James Malone And Great Giveaway Continued!

I attended a wonderful design event at one of my favorite shops "L'Entrepot"!  There were Reps from some of the best fabric and wall covering houses with the latest lines! Nancy Feindt of Jon Christian Associates ( brought some fabulous books from James Malone.  I was instantly smitten! I found his fabric lines to be so versatile and appealing to every taste.  He has gorgeous florals to simple linens  and mod vinyls! James Malone is also available at Arnitex Showroom at the D&D -Suite 1207.  Below is a little Bio about James and some examples of his amazing fabrics!

Please remember the Liza Hathaway Matthews painting giveaway goes until Friday so there is still time to ENTER HERE !!

(On a quick side note!!)
I also wanted to mention a fantastic Art Show this weekend in Holmdel, New Jersey! The James Yarosh Gallery is having a Russian Realism show with stunning paintings and the gallery itself is a piece of art!! I will be posting more about James tomorrow, but I felt I needed to get the word out!  Again go to -James Yarosh!

At the age of 19, James moved from his native London to Malaga, Spain for an opportunity to work as an English speaking administrator for a Spanish textile house.
After 14 years of establishing himself and mastering all areas of the textile industry, James now owns the textile house in Malaga, which has now extended its collection worldwide, finding his very own mark of creativity, with his signature brand James Malone Fabrics.


  1. Absolutely stunning!! I especially love the zebra!

  2. A beautiful collection for certain. Love the colors. You always have such good news!

  3. ohhhh thanks for the intro to his fabrics! i love that last pic of the stripes on the sofa, i wanna just fall in. but the prints, etc are fantastic!!

  4. The stripes and linens really speak to me - looks lovely! I can't wait to see these fabrics in person - cheers, Loi

  5. First of all Thank you dearly for taking the time to visit me, when its me who admires you so.
    As for the fabric collaboration here, is there anything better then beautiful fabrics and the feel of the thread count in fin linen textiles. That linen sofa filled with pillows charms.

    Thank you for a perfect fabric of life share.
    Will go check the designer out closer.



    1. Dore, thank you for the kind comment! I could see his linens mixed with your decor any day of the week- both fabulous!

  6. Such a beautiful post! You have the best taste!



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