Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Liza Hathaway Matthews Beautiful Painting Giveaway!

Thank you for joining us today for a fabulous giveaway from emerging artist Liza Hathaway Matthews! The lovely painting is named " Willow" and is 11 x 14 inches done in acrylic and charcoal, and retails for $325.00!

Heres How to Enter:
2) Follow -The Relished Roost
Please leave a comment about where you will place this gorgeous painting if you win!!
Please forward me an email if anonymous so we may obtain your address!
Contest runs until Friday - November 15th, random drawing winner revealed Monday - November 18th.

Please watch for the pop up shop at Hillary Thomas' Chic Shop where Liza will be selling 13 pieces! Dates-November 19th -21st!


  1. That is so pretty! I am always amazed at the talent of an artist who paints with passion. Please count me in!

  2. Her work is lovely. I just shared her work on FB. It's hard for me to imagine where I would hang the giveaway...
    I have to look at it, and look at it, and then move it all around the house. Until I find just the right place!
    I'm sure a few readers can relate.

  3. Your're right, I do love this painting! Her work is gorgeous! I liked the fb page and am following you!

  4. Beautiful giveaway! Her work is amazing!


  5. This is such a beautiful painting! And at the risk of sounding selfish, I would display this in my home office where I can see it while I write. :)

    Marie Angelique

  6. I love this painting! Liza's work is so beautiful. I would hang this in the living area of my Canton townhouse; it would be the first thing I see when I walk in the door.

  7. Hello Karolyn! Thanks for the info on this fabulous giveaway. What a gorgeous painting. I would place this in my master bedroom. I love the shades of green and lilac. Such a natural element.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    xx, Heather

  8. I liked LHM on FB and subscribed to your blog. This painting would be ideal in our new conservatory (still being built). So light and airy, nay, willowy. Jo @ Let's Face the Music jamesonvaughn (at) Verizon (d0t) net

  9. What beautiful work she does! Hmm, such a hard decision, maybe on my mantle layered in front of a mirror, or my new bedroom :) or my living room by the entry. It would look gorgeous just about anywhere! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Already a follower and liked on FB

  10. This painting would be beautiful over my desk! Just gorgeous!

  11. I really do like her work. I'm definitely liking her on FB and you know I follow you. Great, wonderful giveaway, Karolyn.


    1. Hey my friend any of those fab deer rings left?? If so put it aside Please!!!
      xo Karolyn

  12. What a beautiful and generous giveaway! I'm not on Facebook but leaving a comment anyhow to support you and Liza :) Thanks for introducing us to her work, Karolyn. And I had a lovely chat with your friend yesterday.

    1. I talked to Maureen this morning that is great! I think a road trip to DC is in order!!!
      Xo Kar

  13. Oh, what beauty and soul behind a painting that feels much like beautifully printed fabric.
    Love the tones and I know just where I would place it if I were the chosen win.....perfectly hanging in my daughters room next to her antique iron bed painted in the same tone of the background of this painting, another place would be my room :)
    We can fight over it :)

    Another beautiful share, and what an amazing GiveAway!
    Blessings to the winner.


    On m'y way to face book her.

  14. Her work is absolutely beautiful! I would love to hang this piece in my foyer.

  15. I'd hang this beautiful piece above my sofa in the living room!


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