Sunday, December 22, 2013

Downton Abbey Meets Houndton Tabby!

If you are like me you are eagerly awaiting the fourth Season of Downton Abbey! I love all the buzz around this wonderful series and how it has influenced fashion, interiors and now art! Artist Kim Parkhurst of ToadBriar at Etsy has created a series of artworks that are her impressions of some of the characters of Downton Abbey. However, there is one big difference, her characters are animals! Yes, they are the most beautifully done animated versions of some of our favorites such as Carson, Mary and Violet etc.  I just love them and I hope you will agree that Kim Parkhurst is one amazingly talented artist with a fantastic sense of humor! Enjoy as we countdown to Christmas, New Years and the return of Downton Abbey on January 5th, which is also my daughter's birthday!
To see more of Kim's work see here- ToadBriar!
Let's see if you can guess who's who here! Answers at the bottom of page!!

Anna, Bates, Carson, Mrs Patmore, O'Brien, Thomas, Daisy,
Violet-countess Dowager, Cora, Lady Mary, Edith, Poor Sybill,and the late great Matthew!


  1. What fun ! Just darling :)......and Yes I'll be there in front of that TV with all the others.

    1. Thank you for stopping by the blog!
      Merry Christmas!

  2. This artist has a great sense of humor and is so creative! I had so much fun guessing who was who!


  3. Oh my gosh! I'm dying. These are so funny! Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Love those :) Fabulous humor, and spot on, I might add!! Thanks for sharing, Karolyn!!
    Jingle, jingle -xoxo, L

  5. Would love to have these to embroider!! Just great, Karolyn. Fun for Sunday!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, friend.

  6. Oh my! These are delightful! Violet the Dowager Countess (or should we say the Meow-ager Countess?) is my favorite. Yes, the return of Downton will definitely be something to look forward to as we wind down the holiday season. Can't wait.

    Merry Christmas to you, Karolyn. I hope it's a beautiful holiday! XOXO

  7. These were amazing and spot on! I'm in the fourth series now, having saved end of season episode to tonight...Wish you all the best and a merry Christmas Karolyn! xo Caroline

  8. That Siamese belongs in my home! And I've never even seen downtown Abby! Very cute!

  9. So funny!!! Can't wait to see the next season…my husband and I "binge watched" all the seasons last January! Hooked


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