Saturday, December 21, 2013

Elaine's Is now"The Writing Room"!

I remember Elaine's very well, I would stop there when visiting my dear friend who lives on the upper Eastside of manhattan. The who's who of writers, actors, singers etc would frequent that nostalgic establishment until Elaine's demise in 2010. We all worried about what would happen "now" to this landmark.  Well, along came Susy and Michael Glick, who carefully and lovingly renovated the old Elaine's, adding memorabilia of yesteryear and a big touch of panache! Wonderful mossy green walls, great tiled flooring, a zinc bar and the back library room is sharp and masculine!  I love what they did, and I especially loved my meal!  I had a winter root salad with watercress and frisee along with a half serving of melt in your mouth gnocci. All I can say is yummo! I will be back very soon and I hope if you are visiting NYC during the Holidays you considering checking out- The Writing Room at 1703 Second Avenue , and E 88st.  I hear the fried chicken is finger licking good too! 
Enjoy the rest of this weekend and stay peaceful at this hectic time of year!

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  1. This place looks gorgeous! I feel like this really would be the perfect place to be in. I'm also a sucker for chicken. :) Great post!


  2. This looks like such a great place to visit and the food you had there sounds wonderful!


  3. I'd love to eat in a room filled with books! The floor is amazing!
    Happy Holidays,

  4. Makes me want to put a library in my dining room. Very chic!

  5. All those books make it look so cozy!


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