Friday, January 3, 2014

Jewelry Shopping For My Shelf On Interlude!

I am jewelry shopping for my book shelves! Yes, you heard me right!  I am in love with the tribal necklaces on Interlude Home! They are absolutely beautiful on the stand or around someone's neck. I think they make gorgeous home accessories to adorn any bookshelf, night stand, console table .. you name it!  Check these out while I down another cup of hot cocoa, and prepare myself to finish shoveling!!
Happy Snow day from NJ!

Find these beauties on - INTERLUDE  HOME!



  1. These are fab! I've never thought of jewelry for the shelf. Stay warm and dry my friend.

  2. These are gorgeous Karolyn!! I always learn so much from you blog. Just sent your post to 2 of my non-blogging friends.. have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks so much that was so nice of you!! enjoy the wintery weather.. stay warm!!

  3. Oh my gosh, those are gorgeous!! I'd be wearing and displaying on my shelf! Hope you're cozied up for the weekend!

  4. These pieces are amazing!


  5. That all are natural jewelries, best for everyday use.

  6. Those are completely divine. May have to add one to my wish list this year! Or at least source it for a client or two! Love them. M.

  7. Oh, these are so my style!! Love them!

  8. Thank you sweet friend for taking the Time to visit me in the new year, as for the beautiful art pièces here, I love photo 6 looking kind of like shells or buttons.

    See you soon and all the refine beauty you share with us.


  9. Beautiful - especially that last one. I love to decorate with single strands of beads but never thought of using necklaces like this!

  10. Hi Karolyn,

    What a great idea to accessorize the home with jewelry! Like Kris, I've seen beads but never necklaces. Such a creative way to decorate and add unexpected pizzazz to ANY room:)

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!! xxL

  11. They are absolutely so beautiful! An original and rich way to decorate the home. Kisses Karolyn, hope you had a great weekend!:) Kisses! xo

  12. How gorgeous are these - obsessed with the third one!!

  13. Hola,
    me encanta tu blog, es genial.
    Con tu permiso me quedo por aquí y espero que podamos seguir compartiendo nuestros proyectos e ilusiones.

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