Thursday, January 9, 2014

Joe Ruggiero And Sunbrella Sing The Blues!

I know that everyone is talking about Orchid these days.. but my heart still belongs to Blue! I love blue fabrics, blue and white pottery, blue paint etc! What's even better is a blue fabric collection that is durable plus chic at the same time, and that is where Joe Ruggiero comes in!  You all know Joe as the fabulous host of many HGTV designer series over a span of 14years. Joe is currently working on a Design program with PBS, I can't wait! Joe launched his home collection in 2000 and currently designs for many companies such as MilesTalbott, Sunbrella, Gat Creek, Casa Flora, and the list just goes on and on!  Joe's bio is so long and noteworthy that you must check it out at -  
Well onto the blues! Joe has an indigo collection for Sunbrella that you may find at Miles Talbott Company.  I love the whole collection but especially the blues! They are fresh and eclectic and have wonderful visual texture and appeal. The best thing about these are they are Sunbrella, with stain and water resistance that make them totally durable! Please enjoy this wonderful case of the blues and start visualizing your space with a case of the blues!

Joe Ruggiero looking quite dapper in his "BLUE"attire!


My favorites from Joe Ruggiero's Line through Miles Talbott!
Find Here at-Miles Talbott!

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  1. Yes, yes, and yes! that's about all i can say....

  2. My heart belongs to the color blue too!


  3. Love all the blue! gorgeous pillows and living room at the top:)

  4. Beautiful collection!! Happy weekend, Karolyn!

  5. So pretty - I am with you on the blue! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Karolyn, blue is my favorite, too - especially when paired with white. This is such a beautiful collection, it would uplift any home.
    Happy Weekend! XO

  7. Love it! Not a picture here that I just don't adore!

  8. Blue is my all time favourite color and I think most of the people on this earth love it. This blue collection looks stunning. Especially that blue pillow and drapes are marvellous. Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. Thanks so much for the beautiful reporting. I am honored to be on your blog. Thanks for sharing.
    Joe Ruggiero


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