Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lets Go Dutch, Dutch Oils That tis!

I have always loved still life paintings, I have taken classes trying to attempt this art form  but was a bit unsuccessful shall we say!  I have found an artist through the wonderful world of Twitter, which by the way I never thought I would use.. but now really like it! Her name if Tanja Moderscheim and is a wonderful still life artist who follows that Dutch Oil Master way!
Her background is originally in the biological and medical sciences (MSc and PhD) which has leant itself to her strong love of detail and anatomy of the animal, plant and object. SHe learly expresses this in her paintings. She feels an affinity for Dutch still life pieces of the 17th century: the realistic still life is the perfect genre to really appreciate and control detail, texture, anatomy and light-drama.
Using traditional / academic technique (see below) in her painting process ensures that she produces quality paintings. She also admires the old masters way of painting.  Tanja also uses materials reminiscent of the Dutch Golden Age: professional-grade pigments fromOld Holland (the history of which goes back to 17th-century Holland), linen or wood support, and (dark) wooden frames. This, combined with a Dutch style of painting and being a Dutch artist, ensures that she produces a Dutch art product – a core aspect of the DutchOils Art business. 
On to her lovely works, and you may find her at, and on Twitter @dutchoilsartist. Please contact Tanja if you wish to purchase or use any of her images! You can also follow updates on posts and design ideas on my twitter as well-@RelishedRoost.  Happy Hump Day!!

All images require permission of artist and The Relished Roost  to use!


  1. Gorgeous! She's quite talented - I especially love the landscape. I love the attention to detail in this style of painting - I think it reminds one to slow down, notice and enjoy the lovely, simple things about life. Thanks for the introduction to this artist! XO

  2. love the landscape and those gorgeous hydrangea!

    happy wednesday, lovely blogger.


  3. All are sooo beautiful! What a talent....wish I had that kind of talent, I would be painting all day long:) Hope your 2014 is off to a wonderful start!!

    1. Hi Tina! Can't wait to see the posts you have planned for 2014! Hope all is well!

    2. Oils have such a special quality. Love those last two you posted especially.

  4. I love paintings These are just gorgeous! What great finds!!

  5. All of these paintings are so beautiful!


  6. These are gorgeous! Thanks for the introduction.


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