Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cullman & Kravis - The Detailed Interior

I must say that I had a wonderful time at the panel discussion this past Tuesday with host(Stacey Bewkes) of Quintessence Blog and her lovely guests Ellie Cullman, Tracey Pruzan and members of Ellie's remarkable staff. The panel discussion was based on Cullman & Kravis and their 30 years of design with a tribute to the new book, The Detailed Interior.  We learned exactly how and why Ellie and her wonderful firm have stayed on the top of the design scene for 30 years. It seems that besides the remarkable talent that is present in the firm, they coexist as equals each contributing something important to the design process and to the business itself. They respect and get along so well that  you could just see it in the relaxed nature that the discussion presented.
 As far as the actual design process there are some key elements to the way they work. 
First always remain organized!  Each job gets a reference folder with a budget, spread sheets, floor plan, copies of fabric and trim swatches, completed list, and to do list. It also has all the measurements of each item down to the very last detail. I was truly impressed with the "good- better -best" sheet. Ellie stressed that in good design each space must have at least one best piece.  If that best piece is present one can mix in items from West Elm or Ballard and your room still maintains an element of elegance and personality. One final tip  I loved was when staging the space for the client make it user ready right down to the candy in a dish and fresh flowers, all of which make the client feel right at home the minute they step into the space for the first time! 
Well, Ellie is one special woman with a very talented firm that she should be proud of! I highly recommend both of the Cullman & Kravis books: The Detailed Interior and Decorating Master Class

Elissa Cullman and Tracey Pruzan

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  1. What a great tip this book!! Will look into it...for sure. Their style and colour schemes are grabbing my eye... Thanks for visiting my blog btw and really must tell you that your gorgeous face and stellar smile is all you need to get everyone's attention (: and any of those gowns would be perfect for you!
    Xo z

  2. I know I have to have this book! Just the cover is enough! Stunning!
    Love your new blog page!

  3. Thanks Karolyn for the mention. Totally agree - Ellie and her team are the best! And so lovely to finally meet you!

  4. I love the idea of "good, better, best", thanks for sharing!

  5. This book is such a terrific tip! Will investigate it without a doubt. I'm drawn to their color schemes and style. Thank you for stopping by my blog, by the way. I have to say that all it takes to catch people's attention is your stunning grin and face .


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