Monday, February 24, 2014

The Great American Home!

The Great American Home is a truly wonderful book!  Architect Gil Schafer III is classically trained and also thinks like an interior designer, so as he designs he is aware of furniture placement and how the space will be utilized. He is also very attune to comfort and flow. This book has a lovely foreword by Bunny Williams, who has had the great pleasure of working with Gil.
I find the book not only utterly beautiful to leaf through but extremely informative as far as Architecture and detail is concerned.I think I may be biased as I have a 200 year old farmhouse and I am always drawn to historic properties. However, if you love historic homes, architecture and landscape you will absolutely love this book.  This is a must have for designers as a reference when renovating.
I am off to NYC to the Design Building today and tomorrow and will be sitting in on the panel discussion being hosted by Ellie Cullman of Cullman & Kravis, and Stacey Bewkes of Quintessence Blog. I should have some great things to post about on Wednesday, enjoy!


  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing - I will check out the book :D
    Happy Monday Karolyn!

  2. all so beautiful- I am inspired!!! Will go ck out the book now for more...

  3. I love that book. I need to get my own copy I keep borrowing my friends!

  4. Wow! beautiful photos Karolyn. The entry at the top is perfect .. love the hard wood. I need a copy too! xxleslie

  5. The exterior of that white house is beautiful! I would love to have a white house that looked like that one day! Beautiful post, I will have to check out that book!


  6. So beautiful! Thanks for recommending - I will check it out! I can't wait to see the rest.

  7. It's true. A picture does say 1,000 words! How did I miss this one? Thanks for posting about this book, as I've just added it to my list!

  8. Think I need to add this to my book collection!! So pretty, and what I love most is all of these interiors will stand the test of time, totally classic.

  9. PS please update me on the blogroll..supposedly its working again and I am "back in business" fingers crossed.

  10. Looks like a terrific book, full of timeless, classic style. Have an inspiring time in NYC! XO

  11. Oh my goodness! I love his work and his use or burnt orange! And how American can you get?
    Thank you for sharing, Karolyn. I am adding this to the top of my list.

  12. Beautiful! Every image so well collected and luxuriously lived in...I've always been drawn to stately Georgian manors but best I can do here on the West is start designing with interior columns instead! So elegant, instant wanderlusting as we speak!

    Thank you again for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest event design!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    1. If was a wonderful event, learned alot and of course the D&D is always fabulous!!! I say go for the interior columns!!

  13. Oh my goodness! Hope you're having the most amazing time in New York!

  14. Magnifique propriété presque aussi jolie que la blogueuse...

  15. Beautiful interiors Karolyn! I'm sure you had a great time at the panel! Looking forward to your post about it!

  16. Looks like a beautiful look with classic style!


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