Saturday, March 22, 2014

Furniture Crush-Corbett-Wright!

I somehow mustered up some energy to make it to the Architectural Digest Home Show yesterday. Of course today I am paying for it!  What ever it is I caught on that plane really knocked me for a loop this week. Anyway, there were so many amazing vendors and artists, the talent there it was overwhelming. One truly didn't know where to look next because one booth after the next was wonderful!
One booth I saw became an instant crush, "Corbett Wright"!  I love chinoiserie and she had the most amazing pieces of chinoiserie furniture, all custom with wonderful patterns that you can pick from.
I loved the pale blue one that she chose as display, but there were others that I loved as well! The furniture is high end but it's a piece you would have for ever so worth the splurge.   There was an amazing tall pagoda style desk but I did not photograph it because a magazine had exclusive on show day.  I advise you go to the and check out that beauty for yourselves. Also the show is open to the public this weekend so if you are in NYC you may just want to check that out, you wont be disappointed (Pier 94)! Have a great weekend I hope to be in tip top shape by Monday!

Maybe you want something a bit more masculine for your Chinoiserie? Check out this ebony beauty below!

Here are other finish choices I love that deep charcoal chinoiserie choice and the knobs are precious!
CC: Images-The Relished Roost, Corbett Wright


  1. Hi Karolyn,
    You were an amazing trooper to be out and about all all when you didn't feel well the last few days. Hope that you can rest this weekend, and that very rough bug will leave your system entirely!

    The show must have been beautiful!! Blue is my favorite color - how fun that the people in NYC can go see the show this weekend with all the pretty things from Corbett-Wright and more!

  2. For someone that is under the weather you hit the ball out of the park! These pieces are gorgeous, Karolyn!
    Feel better.

  3. Gorgeous, love the bird print. Tara, when you get on the plane immediately wipe down anything you are going to touch - seatbelt, armrest, entire tray table - with a moist individually packaged anti-bacterial wipe. You will look like a crazy lady but you will no longer get sick from airplane flights. I got so annoyed with being sick after a trip that I resorted to this and it has worked for several years now.

    1. Wish I had that advice before my trip!! Thanks I will keep that in mind for the next one in June!!

  4. This furniture is absolutely GORGEOUS, thank you so much for sharing! I am so sorry you are under the weather... get well soon!

    The Glam Pad

  5. Hi Karolyn! Im glad you managed to go the same, wish I was there too to visit it! Must have been so amazing! And you take care and get better soon!:) Kisses! xo

  6. Hi Karolyn,

    Lovely to discover your blog and you must have enjoyed visiting the home show.
    Love the fabulous furniture with the birds.
    Happy Sunday

  7. gorgeous finishes. I want that white desk for my office! xo Nancy


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