Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Go Seek The Hide!

After visiting a few wonderful show houses this year there is one thing I know for sure, "cowhides aren't going anywhere"! Yes, I do believe hides are here to stay.  I saw them used as a main rug and also layered with many hides to give full floor coverage. I have always loved the look of hides but have never purchased one for myself. We have used them for clients but I still sometimes hesitate as I am not sure where the hides really come from. I do know you can get zebra from reserves that come about the hides humanely, yet I still have to find a cow hide distributor that does the same.  I know it's a controversial topic, but if you are a meat eater I do believe all of the cow should be used so it did not perish in vain.
Do you love cowhides or better yet do you have one and if so where? Enjoy some of my favorite spaces and rugs.

One Kings Lane- Storm.

Our client's custom ottoman done in a hide similar to the Storm color. All custom with Lee Industries fabric and Hide.



Philpotts Interiors- HOUZZ

If you dont' exactly like the shape of a cowhide there are several options these days!


SHINE Rugs-www.thenester.com

Great stair runner- Domino Mag!


  1. I love cowhides. So chic, especially when layered. That last shot of the staircase is AMAZING.

  2. I love that third room! I haven't thought about using cowhides before but I really like how they look!


  3. I have one in my own home in my family and will be shopping for one this week for my client's foyer!

  4. I love cowhides and have two in my home - they are indestructible!


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