Sunday, June 8, 2014

Where's The Wow Factor?

I find that after reading so many design books and visiting many designer show houses I crave the WOW Factor!  I love simple traditional design, but as a decorator I love seeing the unexpected things that simply "WOW" you. I enjoy seeing great installs such as built-ins, art, lighting and flooring that catches one's eye. Here are a few of my favorite "WOW" factor rooms that I could visit over and over again and leave having learned something from them, enjoy!

Alexa Hampton- the walls and window treatments!

Carrier And Company-Walls and the mirror!

Cullman and Kravis- That BED!

Garrow Kedigian-ART!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard- Those DOORS!

Schuyler Samperton- The lovely chinoiserie panels!

Mary McDonald- That BED!

The Glam Pad- Love the walls!

INGRAO Inc. That fireplace screen, "WOW"!

Nordic Designs That wonderful island!

Art Fascination Art work choice!

Steven Gambrel - That oversize mirror, LOVE!


  1. I love the wow factor too - although admittedly it's often not something I'd want in my own home but just like to look at it in someone else's! However, I'll take everything in that Steven Gambrel image - it's one of my favorites!

  2. Wow is right! Each room gave me something interesting to focus on. Mostly the color play got my attention. Love this post!!!

  3. I love built in and floorings that really catch the eye! So much great inspiration in this post!


  4. I love the doors from Bullard and the over sized mirror from Gambrel! Have a fab Monday! xo Caroline

  5. You sure found the wow in each of these rooms...i think especially when we visit showhouses, we want to be wowed with something fabulous and unexpected. Have a great start to the week!

  6. You have certainly found rooms with the wow factor and what a variety of styles here too. I'm drawn to the first one - I think it's the rich colours and ambiance created.

  7. There is wow! in all of these rooms but I have to say my favorite was Garrow Kedigian. That painting is dramatic and brings everything together in that room.

  8. This makes me want to paint a huge canvas.
    Gorgeous rooms, Karolyn!

  9. Wow, caught my eye.

    Exactly what I want looking out every window of my home. From morning till bedtime. Must look out and think, WOW.

    No room is finished till the garden is WOW. Seriously!

    Interesting how 'wow' has changed, to me, thru the decades.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  10. Love the impact anything oversize creates! Great examples!

  11. Love the grand scale of things, I often use large pieces in small spaces, space is space.
    Love that basket in the last photo, and that trolley track for the blue art doors, that room speaks volumes.
    Great choice of creatively designed rooms.

    Thank you for taking time to visit and share your thoughts with me.



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