Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend Web Shopping At Michele Varian!

Well, it's a dull Friday night here in rural NJ. I am an official golf widow this Summer since my husband has been practicing to reclaim his club championship. Poor guy, I can barely even drive a golf cart, much less swing a club! I guess the best thing to do in times like these is to indulge in some shopping therapy. If I can't go to NYC myself, then i'll have to bring it to me! I love wishlisting at Michele Varian, whose web store has such unique finds and the prices are not outrageous either. You can find a unique house warming gift or something to spice up your own home! Here are my favorite picks, there are quite a few. Have a great weekend everyone! To find you favorites go HERE!

This is a cork screw..Hello!!


  1. Hi Karolyn, I used to be a golf widow quite often years ago. Retail therapy fills the gap! Im hanging draperies and shopping online for a client job this evening. The fabric we ordered from Schumacher is discontinued so I found it at, thankfully. Have a great weekend! It's so cool here, is it there? xo Nancy

  2. All of these are so great! I love your style!


  3. So many things here have caught my eye. Thanks for sharing a new to me shopping source.

  4. Great finds and I am loving her pillows! I am a believer in couples having their own space, so yes, that gives you time to pursue your passions Karolyn, including shopping!

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