Monday, November 24, 2014

Artist Crush - Beth Rundquist

I went to an exhibit last week for Beth Rundquist. She is the sister of a friend and  happens to be an amazingly talented and noted artist. Beth resides in NYC and her bio includes a BA from Smith College, Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in CT, L'ecole Nationale Superieure de Beaux Arts in Paris and more! She has received awards for her portraiture and travels around the country to paint commissioned work. 
I love her versatility as an artist as she moves from still life to figures and then onto beautiful landscapes. Her latest exhibition is one featuring Hound & Horse! To see more of Beth's work or to commission a portrait please go HERE. Now enjoy the featured work that I love from her collection. Happy Monday!

Did I mention Beth also does sculptures!


  1. Gorgeous, I couldn't even choose a favorite!!

  2. Karolyn I adore her still life paintings! Very talented indeed.
    I am featuring an artist as well I think you will like!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. Her work is so stunning!


  4. Wow, she is so talented. Love her brushwork - it's loose and free but at the same time very clean. Beautiful. Thanks Karolyn! XO

  5. All of it is so beautiful - wow! What talent.

  6. This is some of the most amazing work I've ever seen in my entire life...WOW!

  7. Wow she is GOOD! I love so many of her paintings, that I am going to go look up her....very talented, thank you for the intro Karolyn!

  8. Oh such talent, Karolyn! Those first two are especially captivating. Thanks for sharing this loveliness today and Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  9. What a gift!! She is an amazing artist. The still life paintings are so poetic. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Cheers


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