Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Fab Finds!

What a long week! I am truly happy that it is Friday. I am also sending warming thoughts to the people of Buffalo NY, who I am sure wish this week was over too!  I love taking inventory of the fun things that I have found over the week.  I had a great shopping day with a client at the wonderful store of Bonny Neiman!  We came away with a few fabulous pieces such as a rustic 54 inch round mirror, a french mirror and a chest of locker drawers for a bedroom side table.  I went home with a few goodies of my own, a pillow and two fun glass green/amber candle hurricanes.
 I also started gathering finds this past week for my own living space and hope to implement that soon. What great things did you find this past week please share I would love to know!  Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm.

Sofa or pillows not sure how adventurous I will get!

Pillow I may consider- FightForJoy- ETSY!

Tape trim for that pillow! Samuel & Sons

Just love this coconut shell Drapery Tie back!- Samuel & Sons

Sweet amber orb vase- Orbix Hot Glass
LOVE - Anthropologie

Need! Anthropologie

My green Wellies!! Garden Wellie Ornament: Taigan

Must have! Glamour Puss-NYC

Love from-Bonny Neiman

Hello Lovely Inc- the sweetest!

Great wrap up!  Wrap Around: ETSY

Wrap Around: ETSY

Favorite holiday candle- Himalayan Trading Post

Here are some of the goodies that we purchased from Bonny, you must visit Train stops right in Summit, NJ.  You can take a very short walk to a fabulous shop!


  1. Karolyn you have made such great choices and I love the combination of color, textures and accessories!! I would be so thrilled to visit Bonny's shop!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. You found some great things...I love the cute!

  3. Hi Karolyn, glad you survived a hectic week. I still have your pumpkin on our mantle. Had a friend stop by who hadn't seen it and she loved it so much I though she was going to wander away with it - even though there is no "J" in her name.

    Love all the things that caught your eye this week - isn't Michele's wreath just amazing?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

    1. Awe that is so nice to hear! Have a great weekend my friend!

  4. I am crazy about Samuel & Sons trims. I think they have a great price point and love all of their designs!

  5. Loving everything you MUST get that tape from Samuel and Son, sooo gorgeous!! That could be your starting point for the room! I love the fur infinity scarf, so funny I bought one today! And boy is it ever warm:)
    Crazy whats going on in Buffalo, I cannot imagine, I get claustrophobic just looking at the pictures. Stay warm and have a great weekend!

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  7. Love the orb vase! The mirrors and fabric are great too, well, it all is.

  8. Great finds! The mirror is gorgeous! Have a wonderful week, sweet Karolyn!

  9. you you YOU! thank you for putting me in such lovely company. love your energy and taste! peace to you right where you are.

  10. So much beautiful here, Karolyn! Looking forward to seeing what you do, as always.

  11. OH MY......this is lush....

    First of all, that artist, is she GOOD OR WHAT? A painter and a sculptor? How can anyone be this good? teeehee.....practice! Every painting of hers takes my breath away. I must look into her because I want a painting of the ocean of this quality! Thank you for sharing this. And that aqua pillow...I HAVE IT! But I simply purchased the covers at IKEA! Check it out!

    Dear one, thank you so much for coming to visit me. I hope your Thanksgiving at the Relished Roost will be one to remember for a long past Thanksgivings certainly are a gift of memory!

    PEACE! Anita


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