Monday, November 17, 2014

Be My Dream Guest!

If I could do up a Thanksgiving setting "dream style", here is what it would be! We would definitely have a bit of Hermes orange and a touch of greek key! Settings would be glimmering with bits of gold. There would be plenty of candle light! Sweet baby pumpkin votives strewn throughout a table of ivory linen and gold leaf place cards topped with an antique mirror backdrop.  I would love a bit of vintage china mixed in and the flowers would be abundant and free form with an occasional branch thrown in.  Now that I am inspired I think I need to start acquiring such items so that my next Holiday feast will be "Dreamy"!

Dream inspiration! credit

Antique mirror topper with ivory linen cloth! credit

Great runner - 6Wilson on Etsy!

Vintage and only one left, so now I am on a quest to find the rest! credit

William Yeoward

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

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These great pieces can be monogrammed too! Credit

This great candelabra does two tasks, vase and candle! credit

Maybe just traditional and stunning! credit



  1. I'm going to a friend's home this Thanksgiving (my kids are out of town with their kids) and she does beautiful table-settings for all of us to enjoy. However, yours is tip top !!!
    Great post, my friend. xx's

  2. What fun it would be to be your guest at such a gorgeous table, Karolyn, I love it! That golden Hermes china is certainly dreamy. Here's to a beautiful Thanksgiving! XOXO

  3. Stunning, I love the Hermes china and the greek key glasses, definitely on my dream table too.

  4. Well, I would say you have outdone yourself, if that is possible! Stunning choices! I die for the Hermes!
    Just gorgeous, Karolyn.

  5. Yes yes yes!!! You nailed it, that first picture is sensational! I love it and all the elements you have included....beyond beautiful. I would be very happy to be your guest!

  6. That first table setting is simply amazing!


  7. I love the Hermes plates!!! I'm inspired now. The color pallet is very chic with the blue playing off the pumpkin color. What's on the menu?

  8. I love, love, love this post!! Wanna come decorate my Thanksgiving table?! xoxo


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