Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tempting Tapestries

The weather here in the North East is a bit chilly one may say! I already ran out and picked up two more fur throws to warm up sofas in my home. I thought about how one must have kept warm back when there was no gas or electric heat. There were many a fire burned, heavy drapery strewn on the windows and of course shutters providing a shield from drafty windows as well. Did you know that art played a roll in keeping the wealthy warm! Yes, those magnificent wallhangings "tapestries" were not only amazing to look at but served a function as well.  Tapestries were a symbol of prestige and depicted stories of travel, battles and land that one may have occupied centuries ago. I  still love them! There is something historical and beautiful about a faded French or Belgium tapestry. They are quite expensive so unfortunately none of my walls are privileged to own one.  For those who think they are far too formal and traditional, there are modern tapestries that are fabulous as well. Let's take a dream shopping trip to 1st Dibs and pick up a few tapestries shall we? Have a wonderful weekend!

All wall tapestries, pillows and attire available at 1stDibs!

Okay so you aren't traditional. Check these out!


Wallhangings not your thing? How about some gorgeous pillows?
I can see these mixed with an Ikat or luxe velvet even linen!

Oh Oscar how we will miss you!

Bill Blass 



  1. Wonderful Karolyn, these tapestries are fabulous works of art!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Such a great post! So timely, thanks,

  3. Very, very, pretty. I thought that was my dog in the last picture, then realized shes right next to me! Laying down, of course.

  4. I am so not ready for the chilly weather but I so love all the items you included in this post!


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