Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sparkle And Dine!

Have you heard of Sparkle And Dine? Created by  Stacia Marlow, a former LA costume designer and entrepreneur, Sparkle And Dine is a curated table styling kit which can be shipped right to your door step! The idea came to Stacia after a busy friend who was a single mother of three children did not have time to prepare a Thanksgiving Dinner for 24 people because she was consumed with running her own company.  Stacia who lived on the West Coast could not be there for her East coast friend, so instead she sent links to her for everything she would need to create a great Thanksgiving feast. Her friend was so grateful and told Stacia that she wished this all could have arrived in one big box, thus "Sparkle And Dine" was born! 
What a fun site this is! Stacia even has wonderful Holiday recipes to print out and images of table scape ideas that go along with the curated boxes of goodies that you pick. Check out all of these fun images and you may want your table scape to arrive in one big box too!


  1. How clever! I think this is such a smart idea....particularly for someone who either doesn't have the time or know the first thing about putting a pretty table together (many find it daunting). This will certainly fill a niche in the market....thanks for the intro! I just put up a post featuring your masterpieces:)

  2. Karolyn, A brilliant idea! I love your introduction to this winner of creativity! In a pinch, when company's coming in town and not time to shop! Stacia is wonderful!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. Karolyn by the way I would still love to order a Chinoiserie Pumpkin from would cheer me beyond after this latest surgery! PS I could not find you email)

    1. Karena I sent you a facebook message. I am hoping to get more in stock this week I willlet you know when I do and I will get one out to you my dear!


  4. Olá amiga, passei por aqui para desejar-lhe uma abençoada semana.
    Que bela iniciativa...amei!!!
    Doce abraço Marie.

  5. What a great idea, I love that top image, I have some of those birch bark rounds at home and am inspired to dust them off and fill them up with some autumn beauty. I saw your pumpkin at Enchanted Home, it is extraordinary! Well done!

  6. This is perfect for a busy mom or someone that doesn't care to put their energy into creating a table scape. What a fun website! ~ something for everyone:) Thanks for sharing Karolyn! I'll tag post and share it with a few friends that may be able to use it.

  7. Cute, cute, and CUTE, especial the French bulldog in the patio picture. What a great concept!


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