Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Into Perfect Linens!

I am ready for Spring! I am sure you are as well. We all know that we get the urge to clean and renew this time of year and what better way to do that than with new crisp linens! I was thrilled when Perfect Linens offered my readers a 21% Discount on new sheets and linens. Perfect timing I think! The founder Tom has been in the linen business for over 20 years and has collaborated with Eddie Bauer, LL Bean, Horchow etc bringing the original plaid flannel sheeting to the scene.
Using a revolutionary process, helps you select sheets that are perfect for you. Don't just change your sheets, change the way you buy sheets!
They think linens should feel just as good after several washings as the day you touched them in the package and this company does testing to pick the best sheets that fit that standard.

So... use code: Relished21 to try your perfect linens.  I know I can't wait to open the windows let in some fresh air and try out some clean new sheets.


  1. Karolyn these sound so light, cool and fresh for spring and summer linens! Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. Ahhh nothing like getting fresh linens! I actually just did a little replenishing last month and nothing like sleeping on cool crisp sheets!! Cheers to spring coming soon and to stay:)

  3. Totally agree with Tina. I love crisp white linens, I'm a completely obsessed person, still in love with starched, ironed sheets, believe it or not. Mine go the a special place, where they still do this kind of work, and to me it's worth every penny. Going over for a visit....


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