Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Touch Of Tribal

Even though it's only 42 degrees out on the North East, one can still dream of warmer weather.  My mind wanders to the Islands and to the African plains.  I stopped into Pottery Barn today just to see what's new and  'Spring in the Serengeti" definitely seemed the theme.  Fun animal print pillows and rugs and mixes of tribal moroccan fabrics with bright colors where abound.  I love that fun look! I always think that less is more so maybe touches of tribal are the way to go. Here are a few o f my favorites ways to Spring into the Serengeti by taking a few ideas from each image.

The COLORS!!  credit

PB indoor zebra pillow!

Okay, this may be  a bit overboard but isn't it so cool!!  Credit

This adorable PB outdoor Zebra pillow is too cute!

Touch of Zebra and a flokati rug! Colors of the African sunset!

Outdoor PB tribal pillows, so much fun!

Beautiful woods, linens and that antelope rug!

I love using these on walls and on book  shelves!

Again touches of warm sunset colors and that leopard velvet is the perfect touch!
Elle Decor

Love these little guys they work well any where!

A showroom idea that can show you color blends and touches of cheetah and leopard.
I think that cute PB Zebra pillow would work well in this little space.

A tribal side table is always a great way of adding charm to a space.

All I can say is WOW! Runner and colors plus a mural with african animals...

Ga Ga over these side tables, they remind me of African beads!

Simple wonderful. A great blend of colors and artifacts. There is a lot of tribal going on here but its done so well it does not seem overwhelming.
Architectural Digest

If you don't need a side table how about this adorable lamp!

LOVE! The camel tones the beading the zebra all subtle yet very interesting!


  1. I always enjoy a touch of leopard or zebra in subtle ways like an ottoman or a picks!! Cheers to the weather warming up so we finally FEEL like its spring!

  2. Although I have yet to visit Africa it is a favorite place of my husbands and we have many tribal thins that he has brought back, all contained in his office.

    The weather here is up and down, yesterday 65 today it feels like a monsoon and Saturday the possibility of SNOW!

    Spring please come soon!

  3. Karolyn those side tables are so cool and of course I love any carpet that is leopard, antelope or zebra print!!

    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

  4. i love the gallery of tribal bowls--so so chic and texturally interesting. i am looking out at the bare trees and begging them to bud, but they have so much to teach us, yes? peace to you right where you are.

  5. Such a chic look and I'm dying over the table and lamp with the African beads! Happy weekend!!


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