Thursday, May 14, 2015

Baskets - Across Africa!

Well, because I like my readers so much I am sharing another great link!   It's all about baskets. I love using them in decor because they look great on bookshelves, walls, tables or just about anywhere.  I have used more masculine toned baskets such as natural grass and grays and white but I found a site that has the most beautiful colorful baskets! It's "All Across Africa". They have  hand woven Rwandan baskets in an array of yummy colors and prices that wont break the bank. 
This company also has a mission and they state :  All Across Africa creates market-driven employment opportunities to improve and empower the lives of rural and poor people across Africa. That's our mission. Our target. Our purpose.
I love companies that try to make a difference and produce a wonderful product while doing some good. To see more go HERE!

I love using baskets even in traditional settings.

I love this banana leaf charger it's just perfect for the Summer!


  1. Karolyn thank you so much! I adore baskets and have them everywhere. I just found a huge sturdy woven one with handles for a large fiddle leaf fig tree!They are great for entertaining filled with bread and crackers. A flat one with cheeses and fruit, as a waste paper basket, etc!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. These backers are beautiful! I love the lidded examples, I think they would be great in a bathroom!

  3. Well now I need to go purchase one of the baskets with lids;) Love them. Thanks for the link!

  4. Wonderful organization and products. I just returned from Africa with a basket, it has been on my kitchen table since the day I returned, it adds such a special texture to the flower arrangements.

  5. Love these pretty..Great organization!

  6. I am the biggest fan of baskets and these are beautiful…love the colors! Happy weekend!


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