Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring Into Templeton Fabrics!

Leave it to Michael S. Smith to come up another great line of fabrics!  I am sure you are familiar with Jasper, it's one of my favorites for fabric but I am loving the Spring like feel of Templeton at this time of year. 
Templeton Fabrics was inspired by Charles Templeton Crocker's !929 Home in San Francisco. That Year Vogue magazine described it as "perhaps the most beautiful in the world". The interior was designed by Jean Michel Frank and Templeton happened to be one of his first clients.
I love the fresh modern feel to the fabrics especially the Konstantin Kakanias line, which is a new line by the Greek Painter/Illustrator Konstantin Kakanias in collaboration with Michael S. Smith.  The line is full of strikingly colored prints on cotton, linen and hemp. All have a worldly feel and are also available in wall coverings too. This line definitely says Spring or Summer to me and I could see it used to freshen up any space for this season.
Here are a few of my favorites and for more go HERE!

Above all from Konstantin's line.


  1. Beautiful fabrics! I love all of them! Have a beautiful week! I hope that your new marble looks fabulous.

  2. LOVE so many of them -- can't even pick my favorite one..... ok, maybe the light blue horizontal irregular stripe on that reminds me of a sound byte?!? So cool!

    Thanks so much for weighing in on paint color choices today.
    I really appreciate it.
    Have a lovely week!

  3. I love the third to last one! The are all so beautiful!


  4. Those lips would make the cutest powder room

  5. Great looking fabrics! Love the lips. Have a wonderful week, dear Karolyn!

  6. Beautiful! I especially love the greens, which are a little outside of the palette at our house - I think it's because it's so green and verdant in Seattle right now, and I just love it! Have a beautiful Wednesday, Karolyn! XOXO

  7. You had me with the top green and then blue fabrics, great colors. I'm terribly sorry about you friend.

  8. Some of these are just gorgeous!! Love the blues and greens....hope your kitchen is coming along beautifully!


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