Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tullamore Farms And The Farm Cooks

I had the great fortune of having a surprise 50th Birthday celebration with close friends and family at Tullamore Farms in Stockton, New Jersey.  I had read about The Farm Cooking School in a magazine and recognized Ian Knauer from one of my favorite PBS cooking shows, "The Farm". I also read that Shelly Wiseman of Gourmet Magazine had joined forces with Ian for teaching class so this really intrigued me. 
So, I casually mentioned that I wanted to attend class there sometime and I guess my husband was actually listening!!
The Farm Cooking School takes place at Tullamore Farms in Stockton, New Jersey in a a wonderful fieldstone farmhouse with a European setting. Please check the site for future classes etc., HERE.

Here is a bit about the Tullamore Farms which also does Airbnb, so one can stay out in bucolic Stockton which is a few minutes from Lambertville and Frenchtown in New Jersey.
The Farm is run by Jeanmarie Mitchell owner and manager of Tullamore Farms for over 14 years, who has cared for creatures and community with integrity and compassion. After working with Tullamore's horse boarding business and hay operation, she shifted her focus to transforming the farm into a sustainable operation by raising grass-fed cattle and improving the quality of soil and land. 
It's truly a wonderful place and a great experience to have country living in good old New Jersey!
I for one am already looking at the vegetarian cuisine class in March and these do fill up quickly so check them out and grab a spot if you can.

Shelly Wiseman

Ian Knauer

The Farm Cooks

Jeanmarie Mitchell


  1. What a great surprise. It looks wonderful. I've been searching for a cooking class that's all vegan. I think its the way of the future. Who doesn't want to eat well with fruits and vegetables? If you go again, please be sure to post.
    I wish you a wonderful year filled with love and joy. Happy Birthday my blog friend!!

    1. Wish you lived out here I would take you there for sure!

  2. What a wonderful surprise and so thoughtful of your husband! Happy Birthday!!! Stockton is such a lovely little town and I love the stone on that building. It reminds me of the nearby Seargantsville Inn (which recently reopened after the fire.) How do I not know of this place? I am definitely checking out their website. I hope you had a wonderful celebration!
    Cheers! Shelley

    1. Im looking in to a few more classes you should come with me!

  3. Karolyn, how exciting to visit this bucolic farm for your Birthday and take part in a cooking class! (I can't even believe you are 50 though!!)

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Karolyn - looks like the perfect place to celebrate a birthday!! There is one thing I DON'T believe - there is no way you are 50!!!

  5. Karolyn,
    50??? You look 30 at most. Husbands do listen don't they. A very sweet gift from your guy. I love Stockon, NJ. My cousin lives there and your choice of word "bucolic" is spot on. When I was a young girl my Grandparents on my Dad's side had a commercial chicken farm right outside of Frenchtown in Kingswood. Loved this post Karolyn it triggered precious memories. Happy belated Birthday wishes.

    1. How wonderful that you have memories from there!! Thank you!!

  6. What a lovely birthday looks like it was a lot of fun. Sending you belated birthday wishes from beautiful Saint Lucia! Hugs!!!!


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