Thursday, January 28, 2016

You Don't Bring Me Flowers...

Yes, trendy interior design...You really don't bring me flowers anymore! Okay I am showing my age if anyone else remembers that song high five here! I was so inspired by "My Notting  Hill's" post on Larry Hooke and his wonderful use of floral fabric that I felt the need to beg for flowers again.
When I worked for my dear previous boss Phyllis Patyk we used florals. We used them quite often for chairs, pillows and drapery. Then the use slowly faded away.  Phyllis designed with influences of Sister Parish and Albert Hadley combined with the current flair of Bunny Williams. I will have to post her home one of these days!  Well, I think that florals can be worked back into today's design and depending on color way and boldness of print one can have  a very chic eclectic space once all is said and done. 
Here I am bringing you flowers today.

I felt the need to show you how far back fabulous florals can range from. Above and below are from collections dating back to the 17th century and would still be stunning in any interior today!



Look at the use of florals in these rooms, just beautiful!

Credit-Lauren Liess

My friend Joel Woodard's fabulous room at The Mansion In May!

Same floral chintz from years back done by albert Hadley for Princess Pyne!

Sorry couldn't resist this is one dress that got away from me 
and I am so sad..

One can always count on Lee Jofa for their fill of Flowers!
See Below..


  1. Gorgeous floral fabrics and examples Karolyn! Love them ! High Five!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Karolyn,
    I completely agree with you. All your samples are gorgeous and many dramatic that would make a very impressive statement. So for those who do not want to commit to a floral sofa or chair use it for pillows and drapes for a stunning impact. I applaud your request - let's bring back more floral fabric designs and choices.

  3. Replies
    1. How are you? I miss your posts and seeing your lovely interiors you must send me some of your latest work I would love to post it!xo K

  4. Really pretty Karolyn and so classic. I like the idea of having a floral piece .. like a chair, in an otherwise neutral space.

  5. From a girl who loves fabric (might even be called a hoarder, but my fabric is organized in one closet) this was a beautiful post. I made a handbag for my college roommate from a similar red, white, and blue in the first three photos...she still carries it in the summer...three years running!


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