Thursday, February 25, 2016

Art In Black And White

I know that the new it painting trend seems to be the modernist black on white abstract. The originals from the mid century truly have the most depth and thought provoking brush stroke as opposed to everyone picking up a roller or brush and slapping some black paint onto a white canvas.  Is it bad to say that I have kind of seen enough of these trendy paintings.? I know they are cool and sharp but if I can't have on original I am not sure that I want to create a duplicate for trend sake, and believe me I thought about it.  However, I have found some black on white art that I would love to have in my home. I feel these have great impact and contain subject matter that speaks to me. Don't think I am saying do away with a black and white abstract if you have one, just open you mind to other forms of black and white that too can create a conversation piece in one's space. Here are some example's!

A wonderful abstract here reminds me of the London bridge!

1961- Myke Reilly at 1stDibs!

The above two are good available prints through Natural Curiosities.

Now the following are my favorite and they are available from

All by the talented Kate Boxer!
They are subjective abstract plus black and white with gives them a modern edge.
I think they would mix well with other modern as well as traditional art.
DO you have any favorite Black and White alternative art that you love,
please share!


  1. I like your first example and the penultimate one the best. I'm also partial to B&W photographs. And etchings.
    There used to be a gallery in Soho in NYC that had B&W lithographs from a Japanese artist who did these nudes that you would swear where photos. But he had actually pounded the image negative onto a sheet of metal, and transferred it with ink. Just amazing.

    1. That gallery sounds wonderful !!Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great choices of art with so much impact and depth Karolyn! Black and white is always striking!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Karolyn,
    I am wowed by your examples and totally love the two dogs. I own many pieces of Black and White art it adds dramatic impact and I love it.

  4. Karolyn, it is funny that you mention that black and white art, I seem to be seeing it everywhere lately. I am a huge fan and have many pieces, including 4 black and white landscapes.

    Have a wonderful and hopefully warm weekend.

  5. Great topic to think about. I'm a fan of abstract and becoming more and more interested in black and white.


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