Monday, February 22, 2016

Curating The Coffee Table

It's about that time of year again when I begin to get ready for Spring.  I am already thinking about editing my home and those of my client's. The one place I love to start is the coffee table. It's the center of the living or family room and besides being a place to rest one's weary feet, it serves as eye candy as well. I had fun perusing Chairish and finding not only great accessories but awesome coffee tables to accessorize! Look at the three different style tables I found and love. Here are some ways they can be uniquely curated. All found on Chairish.
For more fabulous tables and accessories for to Chairish - HERE!


  1. I love switching things up...such fun to keep it fresh. I so want to think spring but cannot rule out another snow storm:)

  2. I love Chairish and switching things up at home on the coffee table. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Isn't it amazing how changing out accessories creates a fresh new look. Love the different styles Karolyn!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. Well you have inspired me to switch items around and create a new coffee table vignette. Great inspirational photos.

  5. Love #1 & are so great at styling coffee tables I loved the one you did for PD!!

    1. Thank you Cindy I feel like I need to do some serious editing in my home right now and you know I love your style! xo K

  6. Ahh you have inspired me to do some Spring "curating"! Enjoy the rest of your week, Karolyn! xoxo

  7. Can't wait for spring...A great reminder to freshen up my coffee table since those boys of mine seem to move everything around. I think I have some legos on there now...ugh!

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