Monday, May 2, 2016

Bright Bazaar- Dream Decor

I am so excited to be back bragging about Will Taylor-Bright Bazaar's second book - Dream Decor! I am first on the 2 week blogger tour to review Dream Decor. I gave you a teaser glimpse but there is so much more! It is being published on May 17th but Amazon is starting to ship out early I believe so please go HERE and get  your copy!

I believe this book is like going on a design travel experience to 15 different destinations! We learn how to use color because well... lets be honest color it's what Will is known for!  We also follow Will on his many trips to different countries where he shows us how to recreate that style such as in Greece, France, Scandinavia etc.  We also visit city and country style and see how simple textures, accessories and finishes can drive that style home.  I adore Will's London apartment full of color and patterns giving it such personality and character.  So many ways to obtain an eclectic look and to embrace color. I truly feel this is great for the beginner designer or home owner who is looking at their space wondering what do I do next? I also believe its good for the established designer who is interested in seeing different views of style with culture in mind.  Again go visit Will at Bright Bazaar it's always a happy place to be right HERE!

Checkout some of these wonderful images and remember this is only a glimpse of what you will find in Dream Decor so if you like these you will love the book!

Just observe the different color and pattern as Will travels and absorbs his surroundings!

Again a travel experience that allows us to get in touch with textures!

Well, it's obvious Will is not afraid of pattern!
This actually works so get over your fear!

Yes, Will also gives you traditional but only served with a twist! Note the lemon lime pillow and bedding trim paired with a traditional blue and white room, its wonderful.

All three images above create one space that embodies a chic eclectic feel.
It's filled with pattern, texture and subtle pops of color.

It was a pleasure reviewing this book.
 Thank you Will can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!


  1. Oh I adore color and this book looks right up my alley!
    Have a glorious day dear one!

  2. These rooms look amazing - I love the blue and white and all the patterns! I will definitely have to pick up a copy!



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