Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Running On Empty!

Well, it's feast or famine here in the design world and right now the clients are hungry so I am trying to give them a feast! I will be behind on blogging for sure because I have 4 jobs right now that we are working on. I hope the presentations go well and clients are receptive to some good mid range custom pieces. I think if you purchase good staple pieces you truly have them forever. My living room sofa was expensive 10 years ago and I just recovered it last year, and not because it was in bad condition only because I was sick of the fabric! It's still in perfect condition no sagging etc. anyway Id love to stay and type but duty calls!

Above two presenting for main elements of a basement redo.
The tile is faux wood and from TileBar.
This will be awesome!

Above two presentations are for a conservatory with faux glazed plaster walls and silver green patina wood work.  Base  fabric will be indoor/outdoor but with the windows already UV protected I can add great accents and wool rugs.

These 4 groups are for a presentation for a CIgar Lounge, oh yeah!!

I told you I've been a bit crazy!


  1. Good luck with the presentations! Everything looks beautiful !

  2. I know the feeling!!! Good luck with the client proposals!! xoxo

  3. Wow! You have been busy! Everything looks great. Best of luck with the clients!

  4. Looks like some great projects! Hoping to see more.

  5. Everybody has the itch to make their nest prettier and they are so lucky to have you. Go save the world! Peace.


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