Monday, August 8, 2016

Artist Allison Cosmos Triptych Magic!

I have featured the work of Allison Cosmos in the past because she is a kindred spirit who creates mural masterpieces!
After catching up with Allison I found out that these days due to a busy family life raising two little children 3 years and 18 months, she is now moving towards canvas and paper works of art.  I know exactly how she feels, it was hard to continue the many hours of work put into murals and furniture while also taking care of children. I for one am excited that she has chosen this path as it will make it easier for us all to enjoy her art

Allison's work is classic and timeless and now comes in threes! Allison created fabulous triptych art for Summer Thornton with photography by Luke Winter , totally swoon worthy!  After seeing it below you will agree it is a show stopper.
Allison told me the following about the art, "The panels were done in my home studio then shipped to Naples FL to be framed and installed. The homeowner loves waterbirds so I did my best to incorporate shorebirds and exotic water fowl. I looked at James Audubon’s work for inspiration and reference. They measure 100” high and the center panel is 36” wide and the side panels are 18” wide. I’ve included the color sketches and the color sample for the project in case that interests you. House Beautiful published this in May this year".
Thank you Allison for sharing your latest endeavours and I look forward to more amaizng things comeing out of your studio!
With out further adieu enjoy the following works of art and look for future works by Allison
Which will be 3 more triptych Chinoiserie panels which will be printed in a limited edition by Zoe’s Bios Creative. I’m trying to complete them for the upcoming furniture market in High Point. 
More about Allison Cosmos go HERE!


  1. Positively gorgeous. Hope you're having a great summer, sweet Karolyn!

  2. Beautiful, such a perfect choice for that room. She's very talented.

  3. Allison's talent is so multi-dimensional. She has done such fabulous work in the contemporary art scene, then this. Love to watch her continual new endeavors.

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