Friday, August 12, 2016

Besty Burnham To Launch WARDROBE !

One of my very favorite LA based designers Betsy Burnham is set to launch her first furniture line in August 2016 called Wardrobe!
Not familiar with Betsy? Although I am sure you have seen her work publish in various magazines
she is based in LosAngeles CA, and has been in the design business for over 15 years.
 A graduate of Dartmouth she began in the New York fashion industry and has impeccable taste in not only furniture but wardrobes as well, thus the name of her collection.  Betsy has named her furniture line after her own wardrobe which is well tailored and has mixes of denim, twill, heather grey wool and chambray.  I adore the lines of this collection! Finally furniture that doesn't seem imposing yet has true character.  Every piece is made to order ranging from $1400 for a chair up to $7200 for a sofa.  The collection is manufactured locally which in  itself is wonderful and you have a variety of quality fabrics to choose from or you may send COM.  Furniture may be purchased through Betsy's site- HERE.
Let me share some of my favorite Betsy Burnham Spaces and then onto her collection!

Below all from Betsy Burnham's portfolio- HERE

Betsy Burnham


  1. I was just on line searching for chairs! What perfect timing this post was for me. I'm looking forward to searching her web site and checking out her work. Some of her pictures look familiar so I guess I have seen her. I admit it, made locally, or the USA, is always a bonus. Thanks for the great share.
    Happy weekend,

  2. Gorgeous! Love her taste. I mentioned your beautiful pumpkin that you made for me on my kitchen tour. Have a good week.

  3. I always enjoy these posts Karolyn, you open doors for those of us who have seen pieces that we love and would like to incorporate them into our homes.
    I am still loving those handmade lampshades:)
    Happy Monday to you,

  4. i love betsy. thanks for alerting me, karolyn! xox


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